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The gypsy flamenco concept band The Lost Hat was formed from the underbelly of CQ tunnel a collaboration of musician/artist to experiment new sound and fusion of genres. In that time their music has taken adventurous twists and turns, from confessional blues and jazz-flavour lounge to primal rock and avant garde musical theatre. By turns tender and poignant, strange and twisted, the lost hat songs have tended to explore from the dark shadow of society and chanting the love of universe.

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  • Statistics Fåizål Bohtiår - Singapore, SG * The Singing Accordionist

    The Lost Hat has drawn from a deep well of song idioms; folk, blues, country, jazz ballads, polkas, waltzes, popular ballads and a category which by now can only be described as lostsian. The tools of their trade have included such instruments and objects as the Jimbe; bell plate; tuba; french horn; sticks; and xylophone saw as well as the regular old guitar, bass and pulsing drums. There is also, of course, their trademark lead accordion gypsy tunes and melodious voice...Enjoy!

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